Tremendous Tweetsie

We trekked up the NC mountains to Tweetsie Railroad today, just as we do at least once every summer. It's *our* family's "happiest place on earth!" :-) The weather was outstanding - mid 70's, not a cloud in the sky...

Will & Annelise were raring to go early this morning:

LaLa & Will rode up front in the engine first:

(We can only ride up front when Engine #190 is running, not #12; and there's only room for 2 VIP extras at a time, so Sis & I rode back in one of the coaches on our first run. We are SOOOO LUCKY that we get to do this! It's only b/c we're BFFs with the engineer; this is NOT a standard opportunity! :-))

Will helping our best buddy, Engineer Scott, shovel the coal that powers Tweetsie:

Annelise got to go up onstage to dance with the Tweetsie Cloggers.

Equestrienne Annelise:

Self-portrait 125 feet up in the sky while riding down the ski lift:

Annelise taking her turn driving the train with our best buddy, Engineer Scott:

Annelise getting to blow Tweetsie's whistle:

Another mandatory faux horse pic :-P

Will & Sis inside the Mouse Mine:

Will & Sis riding the Tweetsie Twister (a.k.a. the scrambler!)

Will in the gondola in front of Sues & Sis, riding the ski lift solo for the first time:

Tilt-a-Whirl Sis:


Will driving the country fair cars:


Will driving the train for a 2nd time:

Will getting to help drive and also blow Tweetsie's whistle:

Very end of the day - Will, Engineer Scott, & Annelise:

Exhausted, dirty with soot, & a bit sun-kissed; but so satisfied that I can still fainty smell Tweetsie, and I have a double-dipped caramel chocolate candy apple in the fridge...


  1. Awwww... That looks like so much fun! What a great tradition!

  2. It really is! It's so SAFE, relaxing (yes - a RELAXING theme park!), and old-school family-oriented. My mom's been going since she was a little girl, we went every year when I was growing up (into high school! :-P), and we starting taking ours when Will was 1 yr 11 mths and Annelise was 10 weeks! :-D


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