Daddy Daughter Dance

Adding to the glory of Annelise's bday weekend, Saturday night was the "Daddy Daughter Dance" at church! I had been bummed that many of the neighboring elementary schools here had had their Daddy Daughter Dances back in February & March; I didn't want Annelise to miss out! Even though her school didn't host one, our church came through: they called it "Spring Fling :-) and JB initiated the whole date with her on his own. ♥

They danced, Sis ate tons of cupcakes, and she made a fingerprint flower pot craft. :-)

[Don't feel bad for Will: he was in heaven, staying home with LaLa, teaching her how to play Ticket to Ride!]


  1. I don't remember this tradition at church or school growing up, and I think it is awesome that it is becoming such a big deal. It's so nice to have events where a parent (or parent-like figure) get a chance to spend dedicated, interactive time with their child, and to have a chance for the children to learn good adult behaviors. :)

  2. I never went to one growing up, either, but I love that they are so popular now, too!!!


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