Hello & Goodbye, Sweet Friends


I got a fantastic surprise Sunday afternoon when an old friend who lives in Hattiesburg, MS said she was flying into Houston last-minute on business for that night only and wondered if we could have dinner. Divine! Her other friend picked her up at our airport three hours later, and we met up closer into town. We ate at Cyclone Anaya's:
And I converted her into a bubble tea believer! :-D

B/c we talk so much over FB, it felt like we hang out together this way all the time. We didn't need to catch up, as much as enjoy each other's company. I was most appreciative that she took the time, even at the last minute, to say, "Hey! I'm coming!" Even for just a couple hours together. B/c we have moved around so much, it means the world to me when I get to see my friends who don't live close by, even for just a meal = priceless.


When Lilly Pulitzer passed away Sunday, I was shocked at the number of FB condolences *I* personally received. :-D I love that so many friends associate me with Lilly. That's an honor! I am so thankful for the light & joy her style has given me. "Pizzazz" is defined as "an attractive combination of vitality and glamour" - her brand has definitely added to my personal pizzazz!


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