Soccer Sis

Annelise played her first soccer game day on Saturday! This season is her first opportunity where her dance/gymnastics/cheer & Will's baseball/football haven't conflicted, so she actually has the chance to play. I'm glad for her, b/c she's wanted to try it, and she's a GREAT runner. (JB & I still agree soccer is one of our least fave sports ever¹ :-P BUT) she had fun, played hard, looked adorable, made a great stop in her few minutes as goalie, never hung back, mixed it up with the boys² (aww, yeah!) and is excited for next week = success!

¹Please stop saying, "If she gets into it, maybe you'll love soccer." Will played three seasons before football; of course I *LOVE* watching my kids play their best at ANYTHING!!! And esp. when it makes THEM happy (...but I still don't enjoy the sport. Just my kid doing it ;-))
²Yes, she's on a co-ed team, playing with boys. I love that!!!


  1. Our youngest still plays soccer...though like you, it's not my favorite sport, though I enjoy it because she's playing ;)

  2. I love when kids have the opportunity to do co-ed activities, like organized sports. Our society has become so gender-specific about even silly things (BIC pens, anyone?), and in The Real World, they have to learn to deal with all kinds of people, not just ones just like them. :)

  3. Yes, Heather!!!!! You hit the nail on the head!


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