Thank Yous

Must brag on our girl: she wrote almost THIRTY thank you notes yesterday & this morning for all her bday party thanks! ♥


  1. Wow - what a busy little girl!! Looks like you turned photos into thank you cards?? Cute!!

  2. Yes, exactly! Instead of buying expensive personalized stationary, I design a 4x6 thank you photo in PhotoShop (usually either one with all the gift bags or one of the entire group, if I have everyone in it) that says something to the effect of "Thank you for making my birthday so special! Love, Annelise". I have those printed at Costco and glue/stick them to 4.5x6.5 cardstock. Those become the completed cards, and we write the actual individual thanks on the other side. Personalized, individualized, and economical = can't beat it! :-)


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