Photo Catch-Up

So, I do a steady job with any pics I upload to FB...but until this week, I was three and a half months behind on scrapbooking and almost five months behind updating our old family website. [Why do I even bother keeping that old thing up? This blog is so much better, but apparently there are a few people who only look there; the bigger reason is that we have an amazing old web hosting rate from 2001 that we just don't want to give up. :-P]

*DISCLAIMER* I know some of y'all are like, "3½ months behind? WHATEV! I haven't done anything with my pics since 2007!" But my pics are my highest priority. Some of y'all are obsessive about cleaning your homes, others about reading tons of books, still others about month-ahead menu planning, or gardening. My house is usually a dust bunny haven, I haven't had the urge to read a book of fiction in ages, I don't enjoy gardening at all (except for tomatoes in pots on the patio), and with our various evening family activities (football M & W, gymnastics T & F, etc.) and odd schedules (sometimes JB lunches at 11 AM & is starving; other days at 2:30 PM & isn't hungry at all) we don't usually make a big deal out of dinners, except on the weekends. [We ARE all together; but the meals are not a big production. It's healthier for lunch to be your biggest meal, anyways. :-P] But my kids' childhoods are completely documented!!! :-D It's just what I find a ton of personal value and satisfaction in; no judgement on anyone who doesn't feel the same. It means a lot to us, b/c having moved around so much, the kids have a hard time remembering what happened where and esp. with whom, even just a couple years ago. ...But if any of you crazy cleaners wants to come clean my house, I'll digiscrap for you!!! ;-)

So yeah, being that far behind on my digital scrapbooking is A LOT: 17 PAGES!


  1. As a military brat I can tell you that moving around really helps me now that I'm an adult to remember how old I was when certain things happened. eg. "that happened when I was in Austin, so I must have been in 1st-3rd grade..."

  2. They might be like that when they're older, too. :-) (But hopefully it only works for Will before age 8 & Annelise before 6! ;-) Yay, for the promise of Texas stability!!! :-D)

  3. You made some great pages! Love the creativity!!

  4. Digiscrapping seems to make so much sense compared to the physical accumulation of stuff, and so much more freedom to be creative!


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