Katy Crawfish Festival

I know it's been a week and a half, but we've been busy doing LIFE! (& lots of Easter) :-D Rewind back to Saturday, March 23rd: we went to the Katy Crawfish Festival.

It was a grey day, but warm & (despite the skies) rain-free! The kids exhausted every ride, JB introduced Will to crawfish, we rocked out to some zydeco, and we ended up spending almost five hours at this old-school carnie with some neighbors & their kids. :-P

The festival was held in an old ranch pasture that's now at the intersection of I-10 & a big local parkway. Will & I rode this giant gondola that goes up ~80 ft, so it was really cool to get to see how they are building the new interchange in so many different directions from that high up!


[Annelise is allergic, and I generally just don't like seafood (I'll eat crab & shrimp occasionally and scallops at one restaurant in Charlotte :-P) so I usually stand in solidarity with her. I *did* try them at this festival...but yeah, not my thing. Will & JB tore their bushel up, though!]

The kids had a ball on all the [rickety, sketchy, old] carnival rides! :-P
(Apparently thumbs-up was her pose of choice for the day...)

This turning barrel used to freak me out :-P Not Annelise!!!

Their favorite ride:


  1. We have an annual carnival (two, actually) in our town, in the park next to our house. I always cringe when looking at the wear and tear on those old rides, wondering how they last. Isn't it funny how differently we view these things as adults versus when we were kids?

  2. That's the truth. So creeped out by them now... :-P


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