MOPS Family

My MOPS girls feel like my family here. I don't think that's just b/c I'm the leader of the group, either. There is something about women in the same stages of life coming together to vulnerably share struggles & joys that creates an instant, deep bond. I felt the same way when we last moved - it's no secret that I was overjoyed to leave the location, but the one part that got me was having to leave that MOPS group, as well. I am so thankful to be a part of an organization that provides instant support & connections like this!

My last meeting here was this morning, and that was hard. My sweet steering team gave me the most perfect book EVER: What Southern Women Know about Faith: Kitchen Table Stories and Back Porch Comfort by Ronda Rich

[Sidebar: I *do* relish being the ambassador for all things Southern during this season of life while we are living as Southern expats. ;-)]

And since I'm leaving, my secret sister revealed herself early with a bag of all of my favorite treats! Buccaneer (Trader) Joe's White Cheddar Corn Puffs & Honey Plantain Strips and fresh chocolate chip cookies = heaven! I feel so blessed.

Our speaker talked this morning on "Cultivating Contentment" - yeeeeah. Talk about timely. I'm going to take a lot of what she said with me as I mold my attitude about this move. No, I don't want to go. Not a single member of this household wants to; I think we've all cried over it. I hate having to be the reluctant cheerleader for Will, who will not stop vocalizing how much he doesn't want to go, which forces me to have to try to get him excited & reassure him it will be OK, (even though I'm totally not excited, myself.) But for whatever reason, this is God's plan for right now, so I'll actively work on not being negative. I will stick to my promise to do a positive blog post on moving sometime soon as my action in working toward my personal contentment!


  1. I can't imagine being a parent of kids who don't want to move and whose self doesn't want to move either. But what an example you are early on to your kids about following God's will even if it means leaving behind things you love!

  2. i agree with the above quote - you are teaching them so many lessons through this move. sometimes, God asks us to do things we DON'T want to do but in the obedience there is blessing and you are storing up treasures in heaven because of it. just remember the paul conversion story - Ananias did not want to go to Saul because of his reputation but he obeyed God and the entire world was changed because of it. you never know what God may have in store for you - this may be a very short season - you may meet a family in your new neighborhood or the perfect teacher for will's 1st grade! you never know! i'm praying that God gives you blessing upon blessing as you make this hard transition and may this season be a short one - leading them south!

  3. I can't say anything the others haven't already said, but I do want to add that I am impressed with your commitment to being positive. It's a great opportunity to demonstrate to your children how to turn a bad situation into a good one. It is also a great way to demonstrate to your kids that we sometimes don't agree with God's plan but we should follow it and know that He has our best interest in mind. Thinking of you as you make your move back to MI.

  4. Y'all have really lifted me up! I am so thankful to have you walking along with me through this!!!


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