Material Obsessions

I'm not a big shopper. I love nice things, but I'm so cheap that I very rarely ever pull the trigger & buy anything. I'm the girl who walks around the store holding something for ages just to put it back at the last second. Every once in a rare while, though, I get to go shopping with a BFF (or my mom) who gets me excited at the prospect of getting something(s) nice for *me*. (I'd spend $30 on the kids before I'd spend $10 on myself, you know?) When these random occasions pop up, I kind of get on a giddy little kick, and I want to share what I like with EVERYONE!!! :-P

Here are my current obsessions:

I want this pineapple luminary from Slatkin & Co. (in Bath & Body Works)
I never burn candles, b/c I don't like the idea of kids + open flames, but this speaks to me! And of course, as a good Southerner, I love that the pineapple is our symbol for hospitality!

I'm also obsessing over rings. My girlfriend took me to Coach to have my fraying purse sent in for free repair. (I always knew they did something like that, but I'd never actually stepped up and taken advantage!) While there, I fell in love with their Daphne Flower Ring:

It is soooo me: gold with purple, pink, & blue stones = my ultimate color palette! I think I own maybe 2 tops that wouldn't go with it! It's more $ than I want to pay, though, so we went on a misson yesterday to find a cheap version. #1 - after 9 stores, we came up totally empty. #2 - I had NO IDEA I have "thin" fingers! Standard costume jewelry ring sizes seem to all be 7 & 8, and they slide right off me. I'd even have to order a 6, if I were to break down this month & get it from Coach. I just had no idea. My fingers have always looked so stubby to me, which is why I always try to keep my nails long.

I also like this Jardin Ring:
from a company called Stella & Dot. The dogwood is NC's state flower, and it always makes me think of home. One of my Junior League friends was wearing a dogwood ring this year, and I have been hunting diligently for an affordable gold one ever since.

I'm really not a big jewelry switcher, either, (just like I carry one purse for years & years before I ever buy another,) but that also means I'm loyal to wearing the stuff I *do* get for ages, too. Maybe it's worth it?


  1. can i just say that i haven't been in a mall in MONTHS! i love-love-love the pineapple luminaries! also, can i please tell you that if you are going to use something for months on end - then its worth spending a little extra for it. remember, you deserve a couple nice things every now and then, just like your kids do! :-) treat yourself to something nice - just because i said so, ok???

  2. If you like the idea of candles, but you dont like open flames with the munchkins try Scentsy. It's flameless and wickless candles. They use a light bulb to melt. Even when you melt the scent cubes, the melted stuff is not hot to the touch. So if you have one plugged in a low outlet, it won't hurt the munchkins!

    Chasity loves them! They smell really good and they have on and off switches too! (Just a thought!)

  3. I think the pineapple luminary would make a lovely new house-warming present to myself!!! ;-) I love it most b/c it fits my decorating style, even w/o a lit candle in it, (which will probably be most of the time. :-P)

    Leslie, my friend Jonnie is a Scentsy rep!


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