Joyce: "God’s Answers for Weariness"

Y'all know Joyce Meyer is my favorite spiritual teacher, and WOW is she speaking to me this week!!!!! She's doing a series on The Cure for Stress, and yesterday & today, she's been talking about finding rest & joy when the storms of life come at us and changing our approach at life & circumstances so we can get rid of all weariness. You can watch it here. (If you're coming to this link several days after I've posted, scroll across the squares at the bottom of it to find "04/06/2010 God’s Answers for Weariness - Part 2") You can also download her podcasts on iTunes, (links on the right side bar here.)

I've loved the last two days so much, I was wondering what she had ahead to add to it. So excited for the next week:

April 7 – 8
Nothing Is Outside of God’s Control
Nothing is too big for God! Discover what you can do when life’s problems seem too overwhelming to fix.

April 9 – 10
Give Your Soul A Vacation
Do you know what it means to enter the rest of God? Find out how you can live in peace instead of worry and anxiety.

April 12
Eat the Cookie…Buy the Shoes
Struggle with feeling guilty every time you do something for yourself? Discover the importance of treating yourself every once in a while.

(FYI - I'm not in marketing for Joyce Meyer Ministries or anything. I just LOVE her teaching and have learned so much about getting over myself to be happier from her!)


  1. i have her website bookmarked but i haven't been in awhile, so thanks for the reminder... i may just have to check it out!

  2. Definitely a word for both of our situations!!!


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