10-Year College Reunion

I went to my 10-year college reunion today at Davidson! I was actually surprised that the campus looked more different than any of my classmates did!

There's a giant new wildcat sculpture in front of Baker Sports Complex:

Will took this pic of me & Sis with my senior year roomie Melissa de Castrique Thomson. :-)

He also took this one of us with Chase Bringardner & Bill Stoops.

I took the kids inside Baker for a little tour. I showed them how I used to be a "Cat Card Girl" (everyone who came into the sports complex had to show me their ID; very handy for stalking hot guys coming in to work out...and how I really started talking to my future husband!) I showed them the basketball court & explained, "This is where they play when we see them on TV!"

Out front while we waited to take our class picture, Will & Sis played "Wild Recon" (I told you they're obsessed!) in the bushes with Mary Perrin's son, Anderson:

It really was cool to see so many familiar faces back again in the familiar surroundings where we were accustomed to seeing each other; but it didn't quite seem like such a dramatic gathering, since most of us keep up with each other's daily lives on Facebook. (Davidson is a tiny top school - 1,700 students total - so there's 1 degree of separartion max b/t everyone! The tight-knit feeling of community makes up for not having a nationally-ranked football team. :-P Although we *DID* make it to the Elite 8 in the NCAA Tourney year before last!)

It's a great day to be a wildcat!


  1. Davidson looks like such a nice family type college! I went to one of those massive colleges where you could easily get lost in the crowd. I hope my daughter wants to go to a smaller school. If I had it to do over, I would have probably chosen a smaller school.

  2. It is VERY all about family!!! :-) Davidson is a wonderful school, but the only thing that bothers me is that most people don't know it outside of elite academia or the South. Up north, I would get more respect telling people I went to Duke, even though that was my back-up school, just b/c not many people up there know it. It's hard as a stay-at-home mom, b/c I don't have a job outside the home to give new people I meet an idea of who I am, and up north, my alma mater doesn't have an identity to them, either.


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