Possible Piece of the Puzzle

I was obviously upset that we almost had a new job landed in North Carolina that we had been positively headed toward for four weeks, just to have it not pan out at the last second and us instead get a transfer away from this place where we were so content waiting until we could go home for good. I kept asking God why He would string us along like that, dangling the carrot of home in front of us with 4 weeks of positive reinforcement towards that end and then yanking it away with an unexpected alternative that feels like a punishment.

I still don't know why He's calling us to go, but I think He revealed to me a little bit of why He let the NC opportunity happen in front of this. We have been really content here, and if this transfer would have come up by itself, I think I would have dug my heels in and done everything in my power to delay it. If I couldn't have delayed it, I would have felt ripped apart from my life here in an even worse way. But since I truly thought we were getting ready to move home, I had no problem the last 6 weeks pulling out of my responsibilities here: I found someone to take over my spring session of dance classes, I met all of my Junior League requirements ahead of time, and we got another steering member to agree to step up & take over my MOPS group. It still hurts to leave - esp. church, MOPS, praise team, & my friends; but I admit, it is easier, b/c I had already begun to unplug in so many ways...


  1. you are not being punished, my dear friend! this is in no way a punishment. i am completely at a loss as to why God is having you go through this, but i can promise you - you are not being punished! i wish i could offer more support during this time. i wish i could give you a hug and cry with you, but know that i am sending you love from ohio and i hope that God gives you extra loads or grace during this time. HE WILL WORK ALL THINGS FOR YOUR GOOD BECAUSE YOU LOVE HIM!!!!

  2. I know you are right. Another friend Amy said something that got me thinking today: God is sending us back to redeem that location for us. I hope so!


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