South Georgia Zumba Sayonara

This past Tuesday evening was my very last Zumba class in south Georgia - so fitting that it was the original ministry time slot that launched everything else! My Zumba ladies broke my heart - they are all so crushed that it's over. I think the church just now understands what a big deal it was to offer two free Zumba classes. [It ended up being NO sacrifice to me, b/c it was something God told me to do; but there's no one to take over, b/c most instructors make at least $20 an hour or charge anywhere from $3-$12 per student per class.] I prayed & talked with my students and said in faith what I believe is true: "Our God is a God of provision. There is no way that He would let this Zumba ministry start, grow so big, and then not provide new openings to continue this health journey. For ALL of us." I shared with them the other Zumba class opportunities in the area and told them to pray for me, too, b/c it's not just them who are left with no more Zumba classes, as a result of this move. Several ladies tried two of the other places I suggested...and they hate them, b/c "they're not as good as my class." :-/ Double-edged sword - what an AWESOME compliment!!!!! But I don't want them to get discouraged & stop getting healthy! :-( So many of these women have lost TONS of weight, and one lady even got off her blood pressure meds, just by adding my class twice a week. Another lady showed me a pic of her from the week class started back in January, and my jaw dropped. I think she's lost 40 pounds. It makes me want to scream & jump for joy that God used my class as a tiny part in making these ladies' lives better...but I don't want them to give up now, either. I told them they all have a unique opportunity at these new places to request for the new teachers to pump up their intensity (I'm a pretty high impact instructor) if that's what's they're looking for, b/c we instructors want to meet our clients' needs. (When my classes asked for abs, I added an ab song; when they asked for a Top 40 hit, I added it.) It could be good for everyone! So pray for all my ladies, that they continue on their Zumba & health journeys, and that God sends me new classes in Texas ASAP, too!

On Thursday morning, I did Zumba at home (with my mom for the 1st time ever for a few songs! ♥ ) I've gotta stay on my game, even on forced hiatus...