Henna Hands

When I had my first Henna done back in February, Annelise thought it was *the coolest* ever! I told her as soon as school was out, we could get hers done for summer fun, too. :-) Since my sweet yogi friend is moving to Phoenix July 2nd, I knew we needed to do it right away, and what fun to sport Henna on our trip to NC this week?!

We went over to my friend's house yesterday, and she got to do the most intricate design she's ever done on a child, b/c Sis sat so still. (Sis *only* stills herself for beauty. :-P) She even hid our monograms in the designs - yes, people: I have finally inked myself with my monogram!

Finally, she even made homemade chai with cardamom pods & freshly grated ginger for us to share... Heavenly!!!

Here are our finished designs today:
(The black paste flakes off after it dries and leaves a dark brown design for about a week. :-))

I can't tell you how many compliments we've gotten today: at Zumba (yes, you can see it in this pic ;-)), at bubble tea, at Aldi, at the dentist (yeah, again - another bite adjustment *sigh*), at the Target pharmacy, at the library, and from friends we ran into at Grimaldi's (brand new pizza place - DELICIOUS!!!!! :-D) for dinner. :-)


  1. What a neat thing for y'all to do together! Thanks for the comment on Grimaldi's, too; we have one that opened recently here, but I haven't tried it yet.

  2. That is soooo cool! I love it!! I have always wanted to get that done! The designs are amazing.


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