A Dose of Davidson

On Friday, LaLa (my mom) had an appointment in Davidson - my & JB's tiny town alma mater - so the kids & I went along and had lunch w/ one of my college roommates & her kids, who live there now. :-) Our kids remembered each other (from this time & that time ;-)) and picked up like no time had passed. We had wanted to eat at The Soda Shop - *the* quintessential Davidson lunch landmark [my bridesmaids even ran over there to get me cottage fries (best round French fries EVER!) right before our wedding ceremony!] - but it was slammed, so we went two doors down to Toast. [It wasn't "Toast" when we were in college. In fact, Davidson has grown up so much, the town is barely recognizable!!! We went to school in a rural ghost town (albeit an upscale, classy rural ghost town ;-)) compared to what these Wildcats are living w/ in walking distance of now!] I wish we would have had time to walk around campus w/ the kids & snap some obligatory pics: "Smile in front of the church where Mommy & Daddy got married!" "Look crazy in front of Chambers, where we had a lot of our classes!" "Pretend you're climbing out of the Sentelle dorm window, where Daddy used to live!" :-D

But we had a 2 pm appointment we couldn't miss, so maybe next year! I saw a flyer for a Davidson Youth Football Camp that had been THIS week, (just missed it!) How cool would it be for Will to do camp where Daddy played college ball? Esp. since now a guy I went to school w/ (barely! he was just a frosh my senior year! :-O :-P) is the head coach!