End of Seasons

This weekend was the exclamation point on two sport seasons for our family. Friday night was the 7-on-7 spring passing league football finals. Honestly, I don't know if I can talk about it w/o getting riled up, again... We won our first game by forfeit: the Ravens didn't have enough players. (What?! *roll eyes* Don't get me started on people who join a team & don't follow through w/ complete commitment to every practice & game!!!!!) By the time our 2nd (1st actual) game began, an extra hour & a half of waiting around had depleted our focus. (They are just 8 & 9 year old boys! :-P) Add that to the fact that there were NO REFS! (Apparently there was "a mix-up" with our league & the refs' contracts; all the refs had high school 7-on-7 games instead Friday night.) You want to see a group of angry parents? Come to the final game of a youth football season in Texas with no refs. The team we had to play was the one who played us dirty a couple weeks ago, too, (yes - I mean dirty! what kind of example does that set?!) and w/o refs, we were all on edge. We should have won 12-0 in regulation...but thanks to some horrific calls by the faux refs (an assistant coach from each team reffed, although the other team screamed across the field that they "weren't going to listen to ours" a third of the way through; really?!) we went to overtime 6-6. [Their touchdown should not have counted, b/c their QB held the ball too long (6 second rule) and he crossed the line of scrimmage before he threw (illegal).] We ended up losing in OT...when we shouldn't have gone to OT in the first place. It stung. We were all upset. But that's life. You're going to face bad calls and blatant unfairness in this world; the way you rebound defines your character, and that's exactly what we tried to teach the boys from this.

And we still went out afterwards for a team dinner at Taco Cabana. :-)

Pre-game team:

Saturday morning was Annelise's final soccer game. (It should have been last week, but they extended the season a week to make up a rain-out.) Truthfully, we're all glad it's over. Annelise said she was "glad she tried it," but she doesn't like running the field. "It's boring." :-P [Fine with us!!! :-D] Sticking with tumbling over the summer & adding cheer in August. :-)

Saturday afternoon was our end-of-spring-season football party in the backyard of one of our teammates. It was a 7-hour party! :-D We were all just having such a good time hanging out, eating, dancing, swimming, & talking, no one was in a hurry to leave!
[The hostess & me!]

[JB getting ready to present team awards! Each player was recognized for what he brought to our team with certificates we made up. :-)]

[Will Blake: The X Factor]

Now everyone's off until conditioning in July! We can't wait; JB & I both said today we were sad this spring season's over... :-P


  1. "Conditioning" for elementary school sports?!? OMG! So different than when we were kids.


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