Rock Wall

While I teach Zumba when school's out, the kids go to the "child center"...which at the prestigious gym means they can harness up & try to climb the THREE STORY adult rock wall! Annelise apparently did it twice this Wednesday, including ringing the bell at the top!!! (Will said he might try next week. Bless his heart, I don't love heights, either. ;-)) Sis is on a landing of the stairwell halfway up the 1st story here that overlooks part of the rock wall complex; I had to sit on the floor of the stairs to angle up enough to get the top in for the 2nd pic I merged w/ the bottom!

You can see how big it really is here in these pics from the club's website:

That's the rock wall complex behind all the glass in the front corner of the building. I teach my Monday class in the studio on the 3rd floor to the right of the rock wall.

My Wednesday class is in this 3rd floor studio where you can see the exercise balls & green yoga mats (neither of which I use for teaching Zumba; but I do use them when I take my strength class! :-))

It's such a gorgeous facility! It makes me happy every time I walk in and out!!! So blessed!

And I'm still daily amazed at what my kids can accomplish!!! :-D

[PS - Not to be outdone, Will won a game in the child center this morning and ending up getting a prize! Not just *any* Oriental Trading Company piece of kitsch, but a gym Tervis w/ a lid! That's a $20 prize! :-O Go, Bud! (And thank you in advance for sharing w/ Mommy! ;-))]


  1. That is a beautiful complex! Glad your kids enjoy their time there, too. :)


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