Gelish: Naked Nails

I haven't done a Gelish post in months! I've still been sporting the polish non-stop, experimenting with different glitter toppings and interchanging those with the always-classic French. Several people have asked me, though, if almost two years of non-stop Gelish has damaged my nails in any way.


Here are my naked nails after I removed my last Gelish mani...and b/c I was too lazy/tired to redo them right away, I "let my nail beds breathe" (ha!) for a week. What did that bare week get me? Nothing but THREE BROKEN nails! :-( Gelish makes my nails grow long & strong; the gel protects them like nothing else. I am just too rough on my hands to go w/o now that I know what this can do for me, aside from just lasting chip-free almost 3 weeks instead of 36 hours tops like a regular polish mani. I went back to French tonight, including on my toes! Nothing rips off regular polish like summer pool visits; not an issue with Gelish, and the French white doesn't get dingy, making it actually worthwhile to French in the first place. How cute are Frenched toes?! Perfect in my omnipresent white wedge sandals, lemme tell ya. ;-)

[No, Gelish doesn't compensate me in any way for this glowing endorsement - although I would LOOOOOOVE a complimentary set of the summer All About the Glow collection to review!!! I promise I'd blog each one!!!! *prettypleasewithglitterontop* Or maybe just one bottle of You Glare, I Glow? Or A Mint of Spring or Seafoam, if you need to clear out inventory?]


  1. Thanks for the Gelish update! Haven't tried it, but sounds like I should. ;)

  2. Thanks for posting this, and the "bare naked" underneath! I'll have to do some recon and see if there is a salon near us that does it (w/ LED).


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