NKOTB Boyz II Men 98° Concert...Or A Gathering of 35-Year-Old Women

Talk about lifting me up!!! My BFF Wendy surprised me with a ticket to the NKOTB Boyz II Men 98° concert with her Wednesday night as my early bday present! ♥ The perfect BFF move to make the rough day joyous & life-affirming. Yay for priceless friends & bringing back happy memories of rocking out in our bedrooms to old tapes 20+ years ago!!! (Yes, I said tapes. ;-))

When we got there, we found our third musketeer, our BFF Christa, making the middle/high school circle complete!!! :-D

Laugh all you want, but it was one of the best concerts I've EVER been to! [Full disclosure: I went to two NKOTB concerts in the late 80's. ;-)] Boyz II Men sang all our favorites, (Wendy & I dissected all four harmony parts to every song of theirs in high school) and since we're not crazy 98° fans (the Lacheys are totally adorable, but we didn't know their songs ;-)) we used part of their set as our intermission.

Best comment of the night re: the ladies room during the concert:
Me: "It's so surprisingly quick & clean in here!!!"
Wendy: "That's b/c we're all moms now."
All we do is clean up. :-P

NKOTB were wonderful; they performed for two solid hours. I even liked their new songs that I didn't know. :-P (I usually don't enjoy anything I can't sing along with!) My fave New Kid was always Joey, (I loved Donnie, too, but back then, I worried he was "too old" for me :-D) so of course we all went nuts when Joey launched into "Please Don't Go Girl". He kept saying, "It's been 25 years... Please don't go, girl... It's been 25 years..." I kept thinking, "I'm right here. And I'm 35 now." HAAAAAA!!! Tonight's revelation: can I tell you how happy I am that I married the football player version of Joey?!?! Same killer blue eyes, curly dark blonde hair... Yeah... *blush*

Thank you, Wen, for one of the best concerts of my life!!! Such a happy time!!!