Carolina Solstice

Saturday was our last night in NC, and we did as we ALWAYS do at my parents' house, at least a few times per visit: giant cookout with every friend, neighbor, & family member available! My goal anytime I travel somewhere is to get to see as many friends & beloveds as possible!!! It is a *necessity* when I live so far away from most of my BFFs!!!

Saturday we had my BFF Wendy & her son Alex, my brother Andy & his son Matthew, my cousins Jenni, Amy, & Victoria, our fave neighbors Kendall, Ellison, Mark, & Shana, and my parents' newest neighbors who just built on the formerly-empty lot beside them. Burgers, mac & cheese, and just hanging out. No agenda. Adults chatting, kids playing on their own, and a sparkler break at twilight: