Carolina Surprise!

The kids and I flew out of Texas:
and arrived in NC Thursday afternoon; Friday morning, we drove over to my hometown to visit my Grandmommy's "baby" sister (Aunt Frances is 97 ;-)) for a bit. She's homebound & mostly confined to her bed as of this year, but she never had children of her own, so we've always been close; Will & Annelise are all over her refrigerator. ♥ After that quality time, we hit up family fave R&R Barbeque over there for lunch - during which Annelise finally professed her love for 'cue and Will was overjoyed to eat with Tony Stewart's crew from Stewart-Haas.

My mom kept adding errands to our post-lunch list, and I didn't think anything of it...until she then started acting strange, saying that we should go home for a minute first (away from all the errands?) and drop the kids off...even though their neighbor friends weren't home, yet. I knew something was weird, but I honestly suspected NOTHING.

Not even when Hershel called and said we "should dance coming into the house, b/c he wants to learn how to make movies on the iPad, and that would be cute." Ummmm, yeah. Whatever.

So we did: (Click on the HD in the video bar)

My oldest BFF, Amy (our moms were pg with us at the same time! :-)) whom I hadn't seen in almost two years had come down with her dad & son from Washington D.C. to visit! What a surprise!!!

So what did we do? We just hung out! :-)

Our kids played together just like we used to, (except for that Hershel was WAAAY more fun than my dad would have been, getting in on the hot tub splashing :-P)

On Saturday, I taught Amy a private Zumba class - which she ROCKED! Then when we went to soak our feet in the hot tub, a super cute tree frog randomly jumped on my leg!

After we got cleaned up, we took the light rail into the city for lunch:

We spent the rest of the time at home, watching the kids catch lightning bugs, making s'mores, just chatting & catching up...and it was lovely! OH! And I *did* turn her into a bubble tea fan!!! I've created another convert! :-D


  1. What a wonderful time y'all had!!

  2. I was so surprised...and SO GLAD we got to spend that time together! It was so relaxed and easy. :-)


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