Freaking Out Over Fall

I feel incredibly restless, and I think it's b/c we have so many balls up in the air.

We still don't know which Montessori we're sending Annelise to, yet. The one I initially thought might be best (& great location - close to all of my shopping errands) may not offer half-day preschool this year. The director said he would let me know when they make a decision "around the end of this week"; with the economy here so bad, their 2 half-day programs haven't been filling, so they may only offer 1 full-day program.

I'm also waiting to hear back from Splitz. I took my dance résumé by this week, (& dealt with not-the-most-gracious lady, whom I hope doesn't color my application with her attitude!) I'm not sure when I should expect to hear something; she commented: "The director will decide *if she wants* to contact you after reviewing this..." so who knows? I've prayed about it, so if it's meant to be, it will. No matter what, I would still like for Annelise to take classes there, b/c it is by far the cheapest way for her to get to do both dance & gymnastics. (And since she has an interest in gymnastics, I really want her to try before she's old enough to get nervous. I never tried until I was older, and I was terrified to throw my body over my head. To this day, I'm scared to do a cartwheel...and so jealous of those who can with ease! ;-))

But that leaves more up in the air, b/c since I don't know if Annelise will be in a morning or afternoon preschool class, I don't know which Splitz class I can sign her up for, yet, either. (And I'm afraid they're filling up!) If she's in school afternoons, she'll do the Tuesday AM class. If she's in school mornings, she'll do the Wednesday afternoon. There's one 4:30 PM option, but ideally, I'd love her to do this while Will is in school, so there's one less bored person waiting around on her, you know? Plus, we don't know what day he'll have soccer practice or if flag football & cheerleading practice will be before their Saturday games or during the week.

Yep - Will's playing soccer *AND* flag football, and Annelise is going to cheer!!! This is the ONLY aspect of our fall that we've gotten solidified. (Thank the Lord!!! That's what I was stressed over last week. :-P) Naperville has an amazing youth football & cheer program that we were DEVASTATED to leave. I couldn't find anything remotely comparable here, until we found flag. It's not ideal, b/c it's flag, but Will wanted to do SOMETHING football soooo badly, and Annelise was all set to cheer, so this is our option for that. The soccer here is strong, which is exciting! (Although, like everything else activity-wise, it's more expensive! Baffling! Parks & Rec here offers nothing; everything is privately run = $$$$$ :-( Not cool.)

I'm sure some of y'all are thinking, "Omigosh - your kids are only 4 & 6-in-a-week! They don't need to do all that stuff!" THEY *WANT* TO! (Esp. since they've been out of school with virtually no activities since April 14th!!!) Not all kids are into activities, but Will & Sis thrive on them, and I get that, b/c I was the exact same way. (I know y'all are shocked! ;-)) They're each doing two things outside of school: Will - soccer & flag, Sis - Splitz & cheer. I don't think that's's just making me crazy until I have it all locked down in a sweet schedule!!! ;-)

More up in the air: we still need to coordinate & book our Charleston vacay for October, b/c I just discovered the place we usually stay is already booked, (EEK! But I did find a few other virtually-the-same options,) and we don't register Will for 1st Grade here until mid-August. Everyone on FB is posting about buying school supplies, and I want to buy our school supplies so bad I can hardly stand it :-P ...but we don't know what either one needs, yet, so more on hold.

I am NOT a very patient waiter.


I like for the order of things to be set ASAP. I'm not a strict scheduler - I'm actually very go-with-the-flow - but I am a big "routiner". I need a routine that is our standard. I don't mind adjusting it here & there, but I want the basic routine that I can plan around in place.


  1. You could also look at Boy Scouts for Will too. I know that would be 3 for him, but it's well worth it if he sticks with it. There are lots of schools now that look for the Eagle Scout award on college apps! (Too far to think ahead... I know! We want to keep the our babies forever!)

  2. Leslie! You're not supposed to give me any *MORE* great ideas!!! ;-) :-D

  3. I'm totally with you on the routine vs. schedule. Sometimes I think people misunderstand that.

  4. YES! I think people OFTEN misunderstand that! I have never been a scheduler - it drives me CRAZY when something fun comes up out of the blue, and some people are like, "Oh, I can't. That's nap/shopping/laundry/bed time." I would NEVER give up something fun for any of that! But I very much value a routine, so I like to keep bedtime fairly consistant for the most part, and I like to know the order of things. I just don't have to have them happen exactly at perfect o'clock every single day. :-P


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