Gratituesday: Preserving Memories

It's Gratituesday, and I am so thankful for my pictures. It's no secret that I am obsessed with documenting our lives. I come by it honestly - my dad was a photographer, and I was even the editor of my high school year book. (Digiscrapping these pages is exactly the same! I think I would have been an amazing magazine layout designer...) Not only is it a really fun hobby for me, but I'm also thankful for getting to share my pages with our friends and family, most of whom live nowhere near us. I feel like with each page I share, I'm keeping us connected. (Same thing with this blog!) Since we move around so much, I feel like my digiscrapping brings us a little continuity.

I'm also thankful for the wonderful start we've had since moving here last month. The hot summer has really set my mood on the best path, and JB being home more often has been a major answer to prayer!

Here's what we've been up to:

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