It's a week of presents! My birthday is FRIDAY, and I want to celebrate!!!

I have lusted after this ceramic Redskins platter for almost two years.
It's been on my Amazon wishlist, and I've periodically clicked on it, just to visit & wish ever since. It's been priced from $50-$60, too much for me to actually pull the trigger myself. (I know, I know - how could I ever put a price on my beloved Redskins, right?!?! ;-)) Well, I found it from a different seller on closeout for $20 on Monday, and that was it! I had more than that much left in my gift balance from my last coinstar drop, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! :-D

I'm not just thinking of myself, though. I've had a thing for Matilda Jane knot dresses for a few years. These things are amazing - they last FOREVER: Annelise's is 18 month-size, and she still wears it. At 2 years, it was a longer dress; at 3 years, it was a shorter dress; this summer, it's a long swing top over leggings; and I know she'll still be able to wear this *18 MONTH* dress next summer as a swing top, as well. (The adjustable knot straps are the key!) Matilda Jane isn't cheap, (these knot dresses are $50 - although certainly worth it for the amount of wear!) but my dear friend Emily (whom I originally turned onto the brand) alerted me to 65% OFF yesterday! It *nevernevernever* goes on sale!!! This was meant to be: the only size they had left in the only knot dress I liked was a 6 - the size I would logically buy next for Annelise. (She wears 4's & 5's now, but MJ goes 2-4-6-8, and I wouldn't buy small.) Grand total? $17.15!!! The pictures look so "peasant-style" and don't do them a bit of justice. They are so vibrant and look like "princess play dresses" - I always think of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty prancing through a meadow. :-) They're also wearable year-round: put on a turtleneck & thick leggings in the winter, bare shoulders in summer. So Sissy will now officially have her 2nd Matilda Jane:

(BTW: I don't sell it or get kickbacks :-P - I just like these knot dresses!)

Finally, my SUPERAWESOMEWONDERFULBEST husband has ordered me the most perfect bday present in the world! (I already know, b/c he wanted to make sure it was right, since it's personalized & non-returnable. ;-)) I love yellow gold over silver, and there is NOTHING ON EARTH that I wouldn't want monogrammed. (I'm a Southerner, after all!!! :-D Even my minivan is monogrammed!) I give you an example of my new Jennifer Zeuner necklace:

(Of course, mine is sBs!) Be still my heart!!! THANK YOU, HONEY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

And HAPPY BDAY TO ME!!!!! :-)

(Can the party last all week? Any one want to come celebrate???)


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