Kid Speak & Hot Mama

Re: choosing a dinner spot Sunday night
Me: Don't get your heart set on it.
Will: I'm not. My brain is sitting on it!

Re: her big toe, which has a big blister on it from the pool
Annelise: It looks like a tomato that has been all crushed.

My poor grape tomato-toed girl!

Now, JB thinks I'm being mean, (sorry, Honey!) but I cannot help reveling in being a "hardcore" weather bad @$$ up here for once!!! I may be a big baby in the snow, but I am laughing my derrière off at everyone *freaking out* here over the heat. It's only been over 90°F for 3 measly days - PUH-LEEZE! I finally get to say, "Oh, this is nothing!!!" ;-) There is also no humidity here whatsoever - like 36% this afternoon! It is the funniest thing - there were two other fams at the pool today (instead of 15!) b/c "it's too hot to be at the pool." Warmth is apparently such a rare phenomenon, they don't know that is exactly where you're supposed to be! :-D (On the flipside, I wore pants to the kids' swimming lessons last Tuesday, b/c it was 69°F - much too chilly for my thin blood to consider getting in with the wind. :-P) It is just so nice to finally get to say, "This isn't bad enough to complain about," like everyone likes to tell me all winter long. As my brilliant friend Julie noted: "Hot weather does not cause your car to slide uncontrollably down an icy hill. Or form 9-foot icicles on your gutters. And there is plenty of bread and milk all over the city." Blue sky & hot sunshine don't leave you homebound or depressed, either. ;-) I am LOVING this weather!!!


  1. preach it hot mama!
    yes, i too am enjoying this lovely "heat wave!" :) our central air is broken though (broken furnace...we're working on it!), so the house is suffering, and we aren't really enjoying sleeping in the stifling 79 degree house...BUT...i'm soaking up the sun during the day, spending as much time as possible at the pool and reveling in the 10-day forecast of heat and sun to continue!

  2. Those comments are so true about the weather! You just can't beat a warm sunny day (in the South, of course)!

  3. yep - everyone is complaining here too - mid-90's and whatnot. it may actually get to 99 degrees this week! but with the humidity being low, it doesn't feel all that bad. i'm loving the warmth, though we have no pool to enjoy it in. i miss the pool!!!!!!!!!

  4. Our "heat wave" is already over. Back to 80° tomorrow - not that that's bad; it's totally pleasant, but I'm still laughing over all the drama over the heat here this week on the news! :-P (Technically it never even got over 93° Sunday-today!)


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