Y'all, this Junior League is just so *me*, I can hardly stand it. :-P We had our first General Membership Meeting last Thursday night. [Note to self: don't eat dinner with the kids beforehand! They feed us!!! Chicken, fruit, petit fours... First way to my heart. ;-)] Everyone was really relaxed & friendly; it felt less like a corporate business meeting (like JLKD) and less spread out (like JLGNF.) Taking care of business had a nice flow - not much wasted time. I stood up and reported on the FB & website updates, which was fun - I love talking in front of people! I'm also thankful that my Placement (my JL job: website liaison) puts me in the know right off the bat - so nice as a new transfer.

But then...the icing on the cake: the PR chair began talking about an award that they don't give out at every meeting, only when merited, when someone goes way above & beyond in their Placement: the Golden Tiara!

HA!!!! (I told y'all I was working overtime on JL stuff! :-D) I mean, seriously: a [fun, plastic ;-)] JL tiara? I didn't take it off all night!!! :-D I really am so honored to be recognized in such a fun way at my very first meeting here!


  1. Well Bre'r Rabbit, you sure landed in the right briar patch! Love you! Mom

  2. You hit the nail on the head! That is EXACTLY how I felt!!! :-D


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