Kids in Savannah

We took a short family vacay back to Savannah (for the 2nd time in a month & in my life) this weekend for me to attend my Zumba certification conference (all day Sunday.) On Saturday, we introduced the kids to French frozen hot chocolates at The Paris Market & the wonders of Savannah Bee Company right off the bat. Annelise said Savannah Bee was the highlight of her whole trip!
Apple, raw honeycomb, & white cheddar = pure heaven!!! (See all the fresh honeycomb over Will's shoulder? Mmmmmm...) They also had a ball playing inside the kids' bee hive play area. :-)

They loved seeing all the huge ships on the river and cool monuments along the way...

We took them to Saturday night dinner at our beloved The Olde Pink House and to brunch at Rocks on the River Modern Grill earrrrrly at 7 AM on Sunday, (so I could get to Zumba.) Why go back to places we'd already been with so many culinary options in town? Since we only had one dinner and one breakfast there, I wanted to be *SURE* they would be stellar! Plus, I have literally been dreaming of the fried green tomatoes with sweet corn cream & topped with applewood smoked bacon and sweet & sour purple cabbage, as well as the chicken & waffle sliders with Boursin cheese, pepper jam, baby arugula, stone-ground Dijon mustard, & lightly dusted with powdered sugar. Next time we'll branch, really -  we will! ;-)

While I was in my licensing course, Daddy took the kids back to the hotel to swim before checkout. (Kids always think hotels are pure magic! :-D We stayed at the Savannah Riverfront Marriott, since JB had the points built up from all that business travel he used to do. YAY!!!) Afterwards, they went to the Roundhouse Railroad Museum. (We warned the kids it was a museum, not an amusement park like Tweetsie, but they were still slightly underwhelmed by the super short train ride. :-P)
This screams: "I don't need no stinking history, just run the train!" HA!!!

They slept like rocks the whole ride home and were totally ready for school Monday morning. I'm so excited that we got so much mileage (no pun intended!) out of this trip! :-D