What I'm Loving Wednesday: Southern Style

{Birthday Bag}
Jamie gave me this awesome damask bag for my birthday from our fave local gift shop, and I finally got it back from getting monogrammed! Giddy!!! :-D It is so perfect for carting pom poms to & from cheer practice!

I am not a purse-changer. I get a new one, and I use it for YEARS until it wears out. I also don't like big purses. The bigger the purse, the more junk I stick in it ("to be prepared") ...and then I *never* use any of it. [I never even carried a diaper bag, y'all. (I had a stocked one in the car...and that's pretty much where it always stayed.)]

But I am a girl, and I still fall in love with things I don't need. :-P Oh, Spartina 449, how I adore thee!!! The patterns & colors of Spartina bags & accessories are GORGEOUS - the website pics absolutely cannot do justice. (The Silver Dew fall pattern that's not out, yet? Oh, my heart...) I've been lusting after *something* Spartina for months...but what? (I'm too cheap to spend the $$$ on something I don't really need. :-D)

Back at my fave local gift shop, again, I happened upon a clearance sale. There was one Spartina cellphone wallet in a bin at 50% off, and I pounced!!! This is PERFECT for me: everything I need (& then some) had fit in my Coach wristlet, but I don't like having my phone zipped up away from me where I can't hear it, so I had been carrying it in my hand everywhere. Now I can have both hands free: my iPhone (even in the bulky case I keep it in) fits in the sleeve, and my lip stuff & EVEN my little camera fit in the zippered section! Literally everything I need - compact & stylish!

{Gameday Style}
I am head-over-heels in love with the gameday style of Puttin' On the G.R.I.T.S.!!! They tailgate every Auburn game, and she said, "I had a very sweet lady make a few gameday outfits for me. I basically drew her pictures of exactly what I wanted and she stitched them up! I have an outfit planned for every game already!" [They sooo don't have kids, yet! ;-)] I am 100% dying over this combo with the monogrammed sash...


  1. Love that bag!! So cute!!

    I have a really fun giveaway featuring my rosette necklaces going on right now--I would love for you to enter! http://vinson-nicole.blogspot.com/2011/09/giveaway.html

  2. Congrats on your pretty new bag! I really like that last outfit with the monogrammed sash, too.

  3. That sash is so so cute! I have requested one for Christmas already!! :)

  4. Such an adorable bag! Happy Wednesday, darlin :)

  5. I love your sash! I would never have thought to have it monogrammed what a great idea.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag and that fab sash/belt!!!

    Coming over from WiLW and love your "ASAP"!!!

    Happy Wednesday!!! Xoxo, Stephanie @ Blomde Highlights

  7. Thanks, y'all! My bday bag was *PERFECT* for Opening Day of youth football here today that I'm coaching cheer for!
    (And I'm *STILL* obsessing over that sash, too!!!)


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