Football Opening Day

Today was Opening Day of our FIRST youth tackle football season! We started with Opening Ceremonies at 9 AM...
...and bless our hearts, it was FREEZING! [My dear Liz in PA asked, "okay seriously...what is 'freezing' in GA? :)" Valid query! :-P But it was truly in the low 60's before the sun came out! With wind & no sleeves, it was so cold Annelise's arms began to break out a little (:-O), so I gave her my jacket. This was at 9 AM, though, so by 11:15 when our game started, we were all fine & well over 70°. WHEW! No more morning games now, either - the rest will be at 6:15 PM on weeknights, and I got Sis a cute hoodie that I'm getting monogrammed (of course!) :-D] After everyone's name was announced, the invocation (LOVE being back where they pray before games!!!), & the Star-Spangled Banner, we all split to our respective fields.

Will's pre-game warm-ups:

I don't have any pics of my squad cheering today, b/c I was coaching the whole time, but it *was* picture day, so courtesy of Daddy:
Annelise & the girls did a FANTASTIC job! I was so proud of them, and it felt *GREAT* to have all the parents be visibly satisfied & pleased. :-)

Will's team pics were during the game we cheered, so again, from Daddy:

This is how Annelise spent a lot of Will's game:

Will is #2 on the 7&8-year-old Falcons. He played right tight end and left defensive end today:
Even though his Falcons lost, Will turned into a defensive machine after the 1st quarter! He made many tackles, caused three fumbles & recovered two, and he made an open-field tackle to save a break-away touchdown!

This is one of my absolute BIGGEST mommy-dreams come true!!! :-D


  1. congrats, momma! those last two photos definitely scream "susie's mothering dream!" love it...ENJOY this time (although i know i don't have to tell you that!!!) :) ~liz


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