Wrapping Up Savannah & Rolling Back Into Life

We wrapped up our Savannah trip Tuesday morning after JB's last classes with a classic stroll to the iconic Forsyth Park fountain:
We ate our last meal (at Huey's on the River - JB said the best red beans & rice of his life! The fresh beignets were authentic, too!) and finally drove home. Final verdict: we do love Savannah, and we had a blast, but it's still our 2nd favorite AFTER Charleston, SC. :-)

We rolled back into town just in time to make Will's first football practice. (Go Falcons! And *PRAISE GOD* he didn't get put on some Cowboys team!!! WHEW!) My parents left Wednesday morning *sniff, sniff*, I met w/ my director & contacted everyone on the cheer squad I'm coaching, (practice started tonight; it went great, but I'm exhausted, so "great" will have to suffice, :-D) and then I was left with the bills... But our power bill went down $37 whole dollars last month!!! :-P

Funny Will today: on language work, after not loving subject sentence parts last week: "I am the predicate man!"
When reporting on who won his class spelling bee: "Bailey got grand supreme." [He's never watching "Toddlers & Tiaras" over my shoulder again! :-P]