Leo & Blue with Coupons

I had a $5 credit left from a local coupon deal at an embroidery shop here, so I took Annelise's classic black dance leotard in to be monogrammed. (I am a dancewear purist - no crazy designs or (heaven forbid!) cartoon characters; but two other girls had appliqués of their first initials on their leos - SO CUTE, and it got my wheels turning.) The only décor I could could imagine still looking clean & classic - her monogram in ballet-tight pink:
We both squealed with delight when we picked it up!!! :-D She was SO proud & excited to wear it to tap Wednesday!

After dance, I told the kids we would get a special treat (since they went nonstop with dance, football & cheer Monday & Tuesday) using another local coupon deal I had gotten:
There are not words for how disgusting Maggie Moo's vibrant-stain-everything-dark-turquoise cotton candy ice cream is. *shudder* (And I usually can't find anything too sweet for me!) Gag. At least it was with a major coupon... I can't imagine truly paying for that! :-O :-P I love how cute the kids are here, but looking at this again seriously makes me want to go find a salt lick! One of my German friends from when I lived in Würzburg, Germany said the German word for this gross, blue ice cream is Schlumpf-Eis. Translation: "smurf ice cream" - that sums it up pretty perfectly!