Christmas Day 2014

Our sweet Annelise sewed & stuffed a pillow for each of us for Christmas! She did them all completely on her own with her fabric & sewing machine and hid them all from us until Christmas morning ♥ ♥ ♥

Will is crazy into Pokémon:

BEHOLD: the elusive, discontinued Mr. Sketch 18 Pack of scented markers! DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Will was also thrilled for Beats Solo headphones (not wireless), an r/c Nerf drone, an r/c Lamborghini, Ocean for Men (his 1st signature scent! growing up...), the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, a Nike shirt, etc. Annelise was surprised by the pink chevron rug she had wanted since August (I ended up getting it on clearance at Aldi for $12 & hid it in my closet! ;-) It looks AMAZING in her room!), a *real* mannequin "like they use on Project Runway", an Elsa dress for her American Girl dolls, the Vera Bradley Attaché she fell in love with in November (No! Not $88! 75% off at the Vera outlet!), etc.

What were your kids' favorite gifts? I don't mean to focus on the materialism, but I do think it's interesting to remember what they were into at this particular age. :-)

For me, it was the year of sports bras! :-D JB bought me a TON of them - which is hysterical, b/c I do truly need them...but I just never would have guessed that *this* would become my life: fitness instructor who actually ASKS for workout wear! :-P For JB, it was the year of peppers: a food processor 100% dedicated to chopping his crazy hot Serrano & habanero peppers, as well as a Ghost Chilies Grinder, (think fresh peppercorn grinder, but it grinds ghost chilies! EEEEK!)

We got another *HUUUGE* surprise from Grandma & Grandpa Blake...but we'll just have to keep you hanging re: details on that one! ;-)


  1. My 12-year-old loves the Kindle she got (which was mainly because she was using mine ALL the time - so it feels like I got one for Christmas, too, 'cause I can use my own whenever I want! ;)

    My 14-year-old got a Jansport book bag she'd been wanting, and I got a beautiful necklace that my husband picked out by himself!

    Can't wait to see what the grandparents gave y'all!!

  2. My fav gift was salt and pepper shakers. I collect them, so every year someone gets me a new set. I don't buy them myself, and I don't have any duplicates (yet!)! :)

    The Princess got a laptop and a phone...neither of which will go to school. (The phone is mostly for when she has softball practice and I can't be there the entire time.) She also got the Diary of a Wimpy kid book! We have them all....for now. I'm sure there will be more. :) She read in in less than 2 hours total. Her fav thing probably is the stack of 22 books (total) that she got. I can't complain when the kid asks for books for Christmas! :)


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