Christmas Mail

Are you doing Christmas cards this year? Why or why not? I just can't seem to give up this tradition, even though most of our connections are on social media, and we could reach almost as many people with no investment by simply posting a card design. :-P Why can't I stop? *shrug* We did stick with the postcard format this year (details re: format & our 1st nine Christmas cards since Will's birth here! :-))

And for the 2nd year, Will & Annelise also received personalized letters from Santa with North Pole, AK postmarks:

Both kids take this seriously. ♥ Super bonus: Annelise immediately went to clean her room, b/c Santa wrote, "I know you've been doing a good job keeping your room clean and organized." #thankyou


  1. I haven't done cards for the past two years. Almost everyone I'd send cards to was on FB (even 80 yr old relatives), I don't like the environmental impact, and instead I've taken the money I'd spend on cards/postage and buy supplies for a homeless shelter in LA where my friend Sarah and her sister volunteer. It makes me feel good to know that I'm using that money to help others.


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