This happened. Annelise "finally" got her ears pierced on Saturday. "Finally" b/c she had been waiting for two years, since 1st grade. When she initially asked, I told her exactly what it entailed: "They use the earring like a bullet, load it in a special ear-piercing gun, and then shoot it through your ear. It's like getting a giant shot in both of your ears, and it hurts. Not for long, but it does hurt. I got mine done when I was in 3rd grade, so maybe we should think about it then." She did not forget that last part. Who knew 3rd grade would come so fast?!?! *gulp*

JB made the *BEST* video documentary EVER!!! You can't miss clicking this:

It was crazy, b/c I so vividly remember getting mine done - the nerves, the adrenaline, the happy-but-shaky feeling afterwards. All of it. They even used the same purple marker to make the target dot on her earlobe!

Clean, dot, shoot, done:

She's extremely responsible about cleaning them three times a day, and she's counting down until February, when she can wear different styles. #watchoutClaires


  1. My 12-year-old just got her ears pierced a couple of weeks ago - but I've never had mine pierced, so I wasn't able to give her the benefit of my experience like you did with Annelise! She said it hurt, but not too badly. She, too, is counting down the weeks until she can switch to different earrings - and has already bought and been given several pair!

  2. That's quite a rite of passage, isn't it? Good for her!

  3. Nikki, YES!!!! Rite of passage - that's the phrase I was thinking!!!
    Tracey, it is SO hard for me not to run out & buy cute pairs for her stocking...but her Christmas is already overflowing. I have GOT to stop! :-P (I may blog about this struggle - she is so easy to shop for; Will? Awful! :-D)


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