Ice Skating

Saturday was the kids' first time skating on real ice! [They skated once before with ice skates on this really neat plastic surface (not cold = awesome ;-)) in NC four years ago.] Ice skating is one of those bizarre things I should hate, (b/c I'm the most drastically cold-averse Southerner alive!) but I actually enjoy the rare outing, and I'm a fairly decent skater! (We had not one but two ice rinks close by where I grew up outside Charlotte - weird for the 20th century South, but true!) Just like her also-unassuming mama, Annelise was a (bundled up!!!) natural - she has great balance! ‪#‎southernbellescanskate


  1. Oh, fun!! We have an ice rink not too far away and my girls have gone several times - enough where they're fairly comfortable on the ice. Their mama, now, is a different story! ;)


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