Junior Achievement - 3rd Grade

When I volunteered to teach Junior Achievement this year for Annelise's class, I wasn't sure what I was getting into! Turns out, I teach five different sessions of JA Our City. I did the first last week and the second this Thursday.

In our first session, I taught them about the different zones in a city (multipurpose, residential, agricultural, business, & industrial) and then we became city planners: each student created a different pop-up building (homes, bakery, movie theatre, city hall, library, apartment complex, post office, airport, factory, barn, etc.) and we organized each into its proper zone on our city floor map.

Sweet & crazy class:

This week, I taught my session (the importance of money to a city, paying taxes, and how people use different methods to pay for goods and services) while their regular teacher attended the annual Teacher Appreciation breakfast...and she had left me *my* fave Sbux order on her desk to enjoy that morning! ♥ The sweetest surprise EVER!!! #Sbuxmylovelanguage

I'll do the next three sessions in January after Christmas break. :-)


  1. I always loved helping out in my children's classrooms! Now that they're older, that's not going to happen very often!!

  2. I know! It's my #1 fave volunteer opportunity! I hate fundraising, collecting donations, making calls, etc. I want to be IN CLASS with the kids. :-) & you're right - gotta take advantage now!

  3. I've heard of JA but never knew anything about it. I love the idea of teaching kids civics lessons! :)


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