Christmas Eves 2014

Notes on our Eves:

Tuesday (Christmas Eve Eve ;-)) Annelise came with me to my yin yoga class:
My heart was so full!

Wednesday (Christmas Eve) I still taught my 9:45 AM Zumba class (perfect way to get going before several days of FEASTING!!! :-D)

I dislike the tween fashion store, Justice. It is just not my style preference for Annelise *at all* (there may be a few OK things, but I just can't get into neon peace signs & mesh crop tops for 8 year olds; we are much more Southern boutique style, AnnLoren, & polo dresses.) ...But when she just asked if we could pop in & look, I agreed, b/c she knows I won't buy anything on Christmas Eve... Except they had the FROZEN SOUNDTRACK CD for $4.99!!! I'm sure everyone already bought it last year on iTunes, but we never did, and it was the *ONE* gift for her that I considered but never got, so super score Christmas surprise!!!

Wednesday night, I was so thankful we were here to attend our church's candlelight service:
How can you not get misty in a room full of love & light, singing "Silent Night"?

When we got home, Will & Annelise were concerned with balancing Santa's sugar intake, so they left him a big scoop of whey protein + my blender bottle along with our famous chocolate-covered cherry cookies & a slice of Annelise's fresh apple tart she made that afternoon. Ho ho ho! :-D