Journey to Bethlehem

Our family made it to "Journey to Bethlehem" for the first time this year. (Will & Annelise actually went 2 years ago with friends while we were at JB's company Christmas party, but this was our first full family time! :-))

"Journey to Bethlehem [is] an interactive, outdoor experience for the whole family. A winding trail of experienced guides will lead you through a series of live-action scenes tracing the journey of Mary and Joseph as they were expecting the birth of Jesus Christ.
The Journey is complete with over 150 cast and crew, 10 scenes, live animals, and wares. On your guided, walking journey you will encounter Roman soldiers, wise men, shepherds, angels, and market vendors. You will be counted in the census and turned away at the inn. Ultimately, you will arrive at the manger to find Mary and Joseph holding the newborn King.
This event is free, no tickets or reservations required."

We did have to wait in line, since we went on the busiest night at the busiest time, (right after our local high school won their final playoff football game to send them back to the STATE championship this next weekend. Couldn't miss that! ;-))

Annelise weaving baskets in the Village of Nazareth

The Magi tent (with real camel :-))

The angels appearing to the shepherds (powerful!)

Posing at the end with a donkey ;-) (Will didn't want to be in the pic. #tween)

This is definitely going to become a regular tradition!!!


  1. What a neat event! We passed a living nativity one night, but weren't able to stop then - hoping we can catch it next year!

  2. One of my cheer families goes to the church that presented this, and they were all volunteer actors. It really was so well done! :-)

  3. a church in our community does something similar but its a drive through for the weekend. amazing!

  4. I think a drive through would be great, if it's chilly!!!


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