Houston Snow?! NOOO! + Santa

Any longtime friends know how much I *HATE* snow. It sends me spiraling back to the worst anxiety & depression of my life and my scariest moments as a parent. My FB feed was full of overjoyed friends reveling & some seeing it in person for the very first time on Friday, so I tried *really* hard not to be grinchy about it - I truly don’t want to ruin the magic for anyone else! ❤️ I just kept thanking God that I knew it would be melted by that afternoon, that it was 80° earlier in the week, that it will be 70° again this week, and that this is only the 2nd time a lot of my native friends here have said it has ever stuck. PS - NO snow day here!!! Extra thankful our school system didn’t freak out, b/c while it did stick to roofs, cars, & plants, all the roads were completely clear:

It really was gone after lunch:

And Saturday was back to *perfect* just-chilly-enough December = 62°F
Requisite annual Santa visit & Day 9 of my December yoga challenge:

Stay tuned for Annelise’s Dec 2-3 cheer comp recap, an adult Ugly Christmas Outfit party, & more on my yoga challenge + advent...


  1. Well, it was certainly a pretty snowfall - but I'm with you, and I'll take that cool, sunny weather over snow any day!!

  2. I'm sorry you don't like snow, but we enjoyed every minute of it! I don't want much snow, and I was glad it was gone by the afternoon, too, but I wouldn't be upset with one snowfall a year. :)


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