Early Christmas Visit

My parents came to visit for early Christmas part of this last week. :-) *THIS* is how we do their Houston arrival: straight from the airport with JB to brunch to massages with me in Chinatown!!! Welcome to our bliss!!!
(Note: we went back, again, for another hour on Monday! ❤️ Chinatown rules!!! Monday we also refueled with bánh mì (simple Vietnamese bbq pork sandwiches with cucumber & pickled carrots on a freshly baked French baguette!))

The kids reveled in a couple precious early presents: funky socks (tacos! armadillos!) & a Star Wars drone for Will; Harry Potter Hufflepuff socks & coveted Kendra Scott earrings for Annelise. (I can’t get either one to take off their socks, now!!! :-D) There was a little drone flying, lots of football watching, and my mom made us a true Christmas feast while Annelise was at cheer practice. ❤️ Grandaddo came to watch a tiny bit of cheer and actually got to see the most awesome thing that’s ever happened to her in practice: Annelise got pulled up in the routine to center flyer!!!!! :-O There aren’t words for what a big deal this is! Extra special that he was there to see it, too…

We didn’t do too much else out & about; my poor parents are absolutely cursed when it comes to the weather here on their visits. It’s either over 100° in the summer (which I totally don’t mind, but they absolutely do! :-D) or it’s unseasonably chilly & raining when they come around the holidays. My mom tried to game the weather system by coming before Christmas this year instead of after, but Houston weather laughed! :-P The day before they came was blue sky & 80°, but almost their whole visit: rainy (needed! we’ve had so little rain in the last few months!!! but not fun) & like 60°! :-O Every day since they left has been absolutely stunning, too, ~80° & lovely. :-D (Stay tuned for the most gorgeous pictures Annelise took on a nature walk yesterday!!!)

We *DID* get one lovely afternoon outside together on Tuesday, right before they flew out Tuesday evening. Mom, Annelise, & I (we’re *the girls* ❤️) enjoyed George Ranch Historical Park for the first time on our own without a school group! The MOST lovely day, historical Christmas decor, & individual attention at all of the sites. (And yes, Annelise wanted to wear her “Christmas red” competition lip stuff :-D)


  1. Glad y'all got to spend this time with your parents!! (And if I ever fly into Houston, I totally need to have you pick me up from the airport and follow the same routine you did with your parents! ;)


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