Battle Back

Annelise’s team, Heat, battled back EPICALLY on Day 2 from a freak pyramid slip (not her) & our new elite stunt transition that apparently was illegal on Day 1 to fix those technicalities and go up into the top 3 out of 9 teams at her Dec 2-3 competition!
It’s been more challenging since we secured our at-large Summit bid & we began making our routine harder each comp, but that’s what we WANT! We don’t want to coast - we want to keep elevating our game!!! We were *thisclose* to even coming back for the gold!!!

Team candids:
(Going over stunts in the convention center hall before going back to their formal warmup area)
(Former teammates, still friends!)
(Killing time with my December yoga challenge pose of the day: dancer pose)

She has THE BEST faces!
Performance pro pics:
(The best face on the way back up!)
(I lovelovelove this!!! She is *THE* picture of confidence: she’s going straight down into a trust fall on her back (a half down) & looks as cool as anyone possibly could!)
(Cannot WAIT to get a better shot of this new transition next comp! Her twist into a superman is my new favorite part!)


  1. Such great pics here!!! Just love Annelise's enthusiasm!

  2. That's a shame about the first two days, but congratulations on battling back!


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