Singing Candlelight Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a true highlight of our Christmas celebration! I was honored to sing in church for both of our evening candlelight services:

Another area church, whose building was completely destroyed by Hurricane Harvey’s flooding, has been using our church building to hold their services on Sunday afternoons after our services conclude on Sunday mornings. We decided to have joint Christmas Eve services together, so for a number of songs, we had ten vocalists onstage:

My favorite part was singing a song by BarlowGirl - my favorite CCM girl group of all time!!! Nothing speaks to my soul like tight girl harmonies. ❤️ Singing “Hallelujah, Light has Come” blessed me beyond measure! (It’s below & at this link; just scroll ahead to 41:23 -

The ending every year is the best: we all sing “Silent Night” together, as the entire congregation lights candles. The view from up onstage is literally breathtaking. My eyes always well up with tears, and esp. seeing my precious family looking up at me on the front row? Priceless...


  1. That does sound like fun! That's wonderful that your church is letting the other church use your facilities!

  2. What a special service!! Love the pictures of your family on the front row :)


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