Science Camp & Calla Lily Ponder

Will & Annelise get a big surprise this week: they're getting to go to science camp! Why a surprise? My BFF who had to move back to England paid for her kids to go this week; it's completely nonrefundable, even under these extenuating circumstances, and since our kids are the exact same ages, she told me to have my children take the place of hers. I *hate* the reason why we get to do this, but I am oh so grateful!!! With our weird move, we haven't had school-esque hours since April 13th - we're at 3 months of summer vacay so far with 2 whole MORE to go (b/c MI doesn't go back to school until SEPT 7TH!) and it had drained me more than I realized until I dropped them off this morning. It is doing us ALL a world of good! Both of my children *lovelovelove* going to school - they need this week even more than I do!

Annelise has two mini classes:
Arctic Fun: How long does it take to melt ice in the sun? Make ice sculptures, churn ice cream, and be an Arctic scientist. Round out the class with animals from the North Pole.
Giants of the Earth: Study the really big ones – dinosaurs, pterodactyls, sharks and whales. Make your own fossils, solve a dinosaur mystery, measure a whale and more!

Will has a Junior Explorer class called Preparing for Blast Off! His week day-by-day:
Blazing Gases: Listen to the life story of a star and meet members Red Giant, White Dwarf, and our sun, too. Discover a zoo in the sky by playing connect the dots with the stars. Can you make stars twinkle? Can you count the stars? Enjoy a sun soufflé.
Dropping In or Revolving Around: Find out about our moon and make your own craters. Create an incredible edible eclipse. Make your own spinner planet to discover day, night and seasons.
Everything Out There: When does a comet have a tail? Meet Ceres and other asteroids big and small. Watch out! Make a bombarding asteroid! Meteor showers round out this day of fun.
Creating a Day in Space: Get in touch with your creative side. Create mission control, spacesuits and helmets in preparation for blast-off on Friday. Who else will we meet?
Preparing for Blast-Off: What does it take to live in space? Combat weightlessness while eating, sleeping and playing. Make a space game and prepare space food to use on your outer space journey. On Friday at 11:30 am, invite visitors from Earth (your parents) to blast off into our universe of fun.

My goal for the week? Read a book. WHAT?! *ME?!* The girl who hasn't read a novel since last October? (Yes, I hate leisure reading - I'd rather be on FB, blogging, or digiscrapping for fun.) The only book series I've ever truly been captured by are the Ya-Ya books by Rebecca Wells, and it just so happens that she wrote a new book last summer. It's not a Ya-Ya book, but it's still set in the South with her writing style; so when the kids were going nuts checking out books last week at the library, I looked for this one on a whim myself. JB was shocked that I came home with something for me ;-) and it's due before the end of the month, so now I actually have to read it! [Browse inside here.]


  1. the science camp sounds like so much fun! glad you're having some "me" time! enjoy!

  2. They are LOVING it! And I actually read for TWO HOURS! :-O :-P

  3. let me know how the book is, it is on my list as one I want to read!

  4. I don't know if I'm a good gage of book quality, just b/c I don't enjoy reading a wide variety of things; but I'm 100+ pages in, and it sounds kind of Ya-Ya-esque so far, which I love. :-)


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