Cruel Shovel

Q: What's the cruelest thing to do to a Southern girl?

A: Take her husband away to a new home in the South & leave her behind to shovel snow.

Y'all should have seen me this morning. Will missed the bus for the first time EVER, so our morning routine got kicked into warp speed in order for me to drive everyone to school & me to Zumba. The snowplow had completely blocked in the end of our driveway when it came through, & I only first saw the giant drift as I ran the trash out. We had no time. No time. So I told the kids to hold on tight, as I gunned it in reverse over the mountain & prayed, "Father God, pleeeeeease don't let us get stuck!!!"

He had mercy, & we made it over the huge bank. I dealt with it when we got home...and after Zumba this morning, too, I am going to be in major pain after a solid hour of shoveling.

"It's a cruel ... cruel ... cruel shovel
Leaving meeeeee ... leaving me here on my own
It's a cruel ... it's a cruel ... cruel shovel
Now you've gone...

The movers cannot be scheduled fast enough. This is not in my job description. I do not shovel. Ever. That was a condition upon agreeing to the initial transfer up here that took us out of ATL...and of course, snowmageddon happens when there's no other way out. *Sigh*

At least it was super sunny today, and the wind was calm while I had to be out there. :-) And think of all those extra calories I burned!!! ;-) (I just wish I would have remembered to put my ear drops in before I went out there! Owww!) There aren't words for how good my steamy shower felt this afternoon! Sweet heaven...

More praise: for a play date for Will this afternoon after school that perfectly coincided with Annelise's make-up dance/gymnastics class & her Montessori Mom's Night:


  1. yay for making it over the snow bank in one piece! and i totally was singing that song with you! i knew the tune immediately :-D i'm proud of you for getting out there and shoveling. you go girl! not much longer and you won't have to do that at all

  2. shoveling is HARD work! you will definitely be burning some calories today :) hang in there ~ you'll be out of there soon!

  3. Have the movers scheduled a time yet?? It has been cold, wet and dreary here since you left so you aren't missing a whole lot...yet...hopefully it will start to warm up next week :)


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