Starting South Georgia Life

We're alive! We're just without internet set up until next week still. I'm at Sbux (of course!) to post this, (and if I didn't have my iPhone for FB, I would be *dying* in cyber-isolation!) I feel like I could fill up 10 pages with tid bits about our first full week here...

Living in the hotel (4 nights/3 days) wasn't horrible...even with the dog! She was great, although she's not doing so hot today. (A toddler dropped bag of trail mix with M&Ms at t-ball practice right beside where we were sitting with the leash. *Sigh* Isn't it always something?)

LOVE the new house! The movers delivered everything on Saturday. The downstairs is pretty much done, (except for the new family room couch coming the first of next week.) The upstairs is...insane. This is my first home ever with the master down, so I'm thinking outta sight, outta mind, since I don't have to go up there - at least until the weekend. ;-) The classic paint in this house goes with all of our stuff so beautifully. Maybe I've just accumulated things with a Southern eye? So glad to be out of an all-white home & into COLOR!

Will's t-ball is awesome, but it is no joke! 3 practices a week - Mon, Tues, & Thurs from 5:30 until almost 7. He is loving it, but I'm going to have to get extra creative with dinners. They don't necessarily want to eat their full dinner at 4:45, but we don't have time once we get home. (They have got to go to bed immediately, b/c of our new early mornings. More on that next.) I'm going to start doing "picnic" dinners that we can eat at practice & on the way home. [Anything to avoid disgusting McDonalds! Suggestions welcome!] Hey, how's this for irony: his team is the...Yankees. *eye roll* :-P

Our new mornings...suck. Will's bus comes at 7:08. Have mercy... His old bus came at 8:25, and we usually slept until almost 8. (This is why they have to go to bed earlier than 8 PM now, since we're getting up over an hour earlier in the morning.) Annelise doesn't have to be at her school until 8:30, but even though Will's bus comes to our front door (SUPER YAY for that! :-)) of course I still have to get up with him.

He has a LOT more homework now, too. TONS more than his last school. That's OK, (b/c I honestly didn't think his last school pushed him quite hard enough,) but I do worry about the transition for him. I don't want him to get frustrated & decide he doesn't like school now, b/c there's so much more work. Please pray for him re: this...

The weather is DREAMY!!! High 70's every single day we've been here!!!! And SUNNY!!!!!! I have suffered through six northern winters in places that I knew were not my "home" culture, so I am going to revel in EVERY SECOND of this gloriousness that *finally* feels so right. (And I know this is so cruel, but when 10" of more snow fell up there this week, I looked around here at the green grass & down at my feet in SANDALS in February and sang a song of praise!) Our coats have been completely banished to the guestroom closet.

There's no Costco here. Only Sam's. (No beloved Trader Joe's, either, but I'll stock up there next time in ATL or CLT.) Yesterday was my first complete Sam's exploration. Overall, I was...not as impressed. Could any of you Sam's members out there share your secrets with me? What are your best buys there? What would you never choose there? It's a hard conversion for this Costco devotee. There were no samples. And their rotisserie chicken was dry. And I don't hear people RAVING about their house brand like people do over Kirkland (Costco brand) stuff. I don't have a choice here, so y'all help me get into the Sam's spirit!

There IS Publix here, though, and the beautiful brand new one is right up the street from us. YAY! "Where shopping is my pleasure!" (For any new people here, grocery shopping is truly one of my most favorite things in the world.)

Our next-door neighbor, who is a fashionable young grandma with 5 kids & 7 grandkids, baked us a chicken casserole & a chocolate cake to welcome us! We certainly haven't had that happen...ever? Get this - she also makes hairbows! :-D I need to unpack some thank-you notes ASAP...


  1. Welcome back to the Southland!!!!!!!!!! So glad your neighbor welcomed you in style and I am so jealous of your in a major almost not nice way!

  2. I had missed Publix sooooo much! I can't even put my finger on *WHY* it's so great. People up north asked what the big deal was; it *is* just a grocery store...but shopping there is just...a pleasure! :-P What IS it about Publix???


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