I have found a lot to whine about today, but I *hate* feeling pitiful. So I'm exercising my freedom to choose NOT to be ruled by my feelings & emotions anymore tonight. I will keep reiterating that everything will work out exactly when & as it's supposed to, because I'm praying about it & God loves me.

I took these great notes a couple weeks ago about freedom from 411God & Joyce Meyer - I think they are perfect:

"Freedom isn't simply about being free. It's like someone admiring the socket in their living room without actually plugging something into it and using the power that it provides. It's not there for itself. It's there to be used to make other things happen.

The Bible says that Jesus frees us so we can use it to get our focus off ourselves and do good. Paul writes to Titus about how God's grace brings salvation, and how this frees Christians to be distinct in doing good."

"The most spiritual activity you'll do today is to choose.

*We think we want the freedom to choose, rather than make the choices that bring freedom.*

(You're free to choose to drink as much you want...but a DUI limits your freedom; free to have sex...but a teen pregnancy limits your freedom; free to smoke...but being tied to an oxygen tank, getting cancer, or not even being able to run full-out with your kids limits your freedom; free to worry & complain...but it limits your freedom to enjoy every second you're alive; etc.)"

Yep. That last one & me today. Ouch. But right now I'm free! Free to enjoy my DVRed shows (30 Rock slayed me! :-D) and sip my cordial glass of ChocoVine before going to bed. [And I *think* the smoke detector chirping even just stopped!!! (It's still chirping, but only for a few hours a day, and never while I'm in far; so I'm not braving the 14' ladder alone.)]


  1. I need to concentrate on that last one, too. I worry way too much and it takes up too much of my precious time on this earth!


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