I Don't Know, Yet

Whenever I don't have the answers to people's questions or positive things to share, I tend to clam up & avoid conversation; I hate repeating, "I don't know, yet," or explaining over & over [de facto dwelling on] what's wrong, so I haven't even felt much like blogging. No, things aren't horrible by any stretch - still so excited for the move; but I'm sick. No, I don't want any medical advice; I'm functional but just very uncomfortable with coughing & drainage. I paid the neighbor boy, again, to shovel us back out of the fresh 6" of snow we got Sat & Sun; the most snow in a single week of this winter counting back to the day we came back...and when JB's not here = not positive material to share further.

No, I still don't know when the movers are coming or when our last day here is, and if anyone else asks, I may scream. Both of the kids' schools need to know for their plans. (I gambled - as we're guessing next Tues now - and went ahead & bought Valentines for their classes Mon.) Church wants to know - it's a true blessing to have so many people who want to be able to say good-bye, and the music needs to know when I can sing for the last time. (Again, assuming this coming Sun.) Annelise's dance/gym needs to know when her last class is, so I can sneak in early to see her last showcase of dances she's been rehearsing and so they can have her gymnastics ribbon ready. (Sounds silly, but this is actually urgent, b/c if everything works out the way we want, her last class will be THIS Wed.) Two sweet friends here want to know, so we can plan going-away dinners together; not to mention the family & friends who are just eager to know, b/c they're happy for us. :-) I need to know when to schedule a vet visit for Bonnie Blue, b/c a dog has to have a check-up less than 10 days before they fly. Even people in Georgia need to know - my high school girlfriend excited to hang out (me, too!), the director of Annelise's new Montessori curious as to when to expect her, and esp. the coach of Will's new t-ball team, who called Saturday to tell me about practices starting NEXT WEEK.

[Can you see that I'm being asked non-stop? It's like being 9 months pregnant and everyone asking, "Is the baby coming, yet?" Certainly a very happy occasion, but don't you think I'd tell you more, if I knew??? I promise, I want to know even more than you do!!! :-D]

I totally don't want to come off as snippy, ungrateful, or even unhappy! I'm just sick & tired (literally :-P) and we're more frustrated waiting for confirmation than anyone... but it IS worth it to have his new company organize & pay for everything up front! That is a gianormous blessing!!!


  1. I liked your pregnancy analogy :) Good luck with everything!

  2. Heehee! That pregnancy question drove me NUTS!!! I purposely didn't answer the phone the last few weeks each time. I wanted to say, "Oh, yeah. I already had the baby. We just didn't feel like getting around to telling anyone who may care." :-P Maybe I could understand if the person were a total introvert & never shared info, but I am a bubbling-over open book, you know? EVERYONE knows my business. :-D

  3. Never posted, but long-time reader and admirer from Let's Talk, from San Diego but originally from Capri, Italy. Thought of you when I saw this today:

    I hope your little one is getting over what looks the same condition well. I'm sure the sun of the South will only make it better. And if you guys are ever in this part of the country, where we have no snow, let me know, I'd like to meet your amazing self.


  4. Daniela, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel so honored that you've followed me & took the time to post! :-) You know, I rarely watch TV before the kids go to school, but I just happened to turn on Today *right* as this segment came on!!! YAY for national attention!!!!! :-D

    Ohhhhh, Capri!!! Do you go back often?

  5. Oh, no problem at all, I enjoy keeping up with your busy life, and I like your wit, the way you write and how much you care about your family. In fact, I'm considering your blog (together with Liz Smith's) my break from studing for the CA Bar Exam...which is in 2 weeks! Yeah, all while taking care of my 7-month old...oh, the insanity, if only I had time to blog! LOL! But you satisfy my yearning for good humor and give me a well-deserved break! So THANK YOU!

    I used to go back every year, now with Chloe's arrival will wait till next summer, when she'll be a year old. Travelling to Europe, from the West Coast, can be quite a nightmare.

    So here's a virtual hug from sunny Cali during this crazy time of your life, and don't worry, things will work out, and your move will happen soon enough. :):):)


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