Final Prep

I know I've been MIA, and unfortunately it's not quite b/c I've been "so busy" prepping for the move. I mean, I have...but I've really just been sick. I don't think JB realized how bad off I really was until he got back today. My eyes are totally bloodshot red, and I literally cannot stop coughing. I think he was kind of horrified when he looked at me in the car. :-P I've been on antibiotics for 36 hours so far, and while my ears have stopped throbbing, I'm still coughing so hard, I threw up several times tonight. Seriously?!?!? I'm terrified to wonder how else I could get sicker... Lord, have mercy...

This week's prep accomplishments:
* Delta notified that Bonnie Blue will be added on our flights.
* Will withdrawn from his elementary as of Tuesday. :'(
* Annelise withdrawn from Montessori as of Tuesday.
* Annelise's & my hair trimmed. (L'esprit! How will I live w/o you?)
* Will & JB's hair trimmed. (Thank you, Great Clips.)
* JB's car shipped on down to Georgia. (It even arrived before he flew back up!)
* Annelise withdrawn from dance/gymnastics & still got her 3rd session ribbon. :-)
* Bills paid.
* A BFF good-bye dinner.
* Vet visit for B's health certificate & 3 shots to fly.
* All laundry done.
* Fridge & freezer almost emptied. (Tina - I have sealed hummus for you Tues!)
* New crate (her old one is cracked - safe for the car, but not for strangers to handle) & "live animal" travel stickers bought for B.
* Playroom organized...again. :-P
* Salvation Army donations pulled out to the side.
* Kids' Valentines filled out for their last days of school here Monday.

The movers come tomorrow at 9 AM. I wanted to go to church one last time here to say goodbye, but I am just still too sick. No one should want to hug me bye like this; plus, our founding pastor was diagnosed this week with extremely aggressive intravascular lymphoma - blood cancer that's shutting down his vital organs FAST - so I don't want to be there hacking my head off during such an emotional service of prayer. :'( Even though it breaks my heart to bits... But with the in-laws up here half the year, we'll just make it a point to go to Trinity, too, whenever we come visit them. We have so many more connections here now, way more than even last time we lived here.

While the movers begin, I will finish packing us for the next week with everything we don't want the movers to ship - mostly clothes, my laptop, toiletries, important papers, etc. Oh - note to self: gotta dig Will's t-ball stuff out of the basement. Practices start THIS WEEK! :-D Still need to drop off Salvation Army donations, and hopefully JB can get someone here to pick up the old couches, etc. we want to donate & can't move ourselves.

The movers will be here through Tuesday, JB has to fly back down Monday, and I fly down with the kids & the dog Tuesday afternoon. Wish us luck!!!

Going to try to go to bed now. Pray for my eyes & ears to completely clear and for me to stop coughing! THANK YOU!!!


  1. Feel better and I really hope everything goes smoothly this week. Looking forward to hearing from you "on the other side" (((hugs))))

  2. Thank you SO MUCH, Love! I'm actually feeling a little physical relief for the first time in a week this morning, so praying I've turned the corner!!! :-) Also, the movers are here, and they are adorable! Fun, happy, personable Southerners who are SO HAPPY to "take us home." This is starting out really well! :-D

  3. I hope you feel better really soon! I'm glad that JB is there to help out! :) Maybe you can grab a couple extra naps to help the antibiotics work faster!


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