Southern Skies

The weather we arrived to has only gotten better. It has been high 70's-80° with the most gorgeous blue skies every day. The one rain (60° rain! not snow!) we had lasted an hour Friday morning at 7 AM: it was a frog strangler - over half an inch in 20 min! But then it was beautiful, again. We spent a good part of Sunday outside practicing t-ball with Will & soaking up vitamin D, after building a long new backyard tie-out for Bonnie Blue beagle.

We're wearing *summer* clothes & sandals. I can't get over this! It's been warmer here than it was a few days in June & July up north! I truly DON'T mean to be cruel - had I read this from anyone else several weeks ago, I would have cried & felt the horrible hole in my heart expand; but honestly this is my heart's cry of the last 5 years realized, & I can't be thankful enough!!! :-) I am in awe.

Everyone keeps saying, "Yeah, but you'll be miserable in the heat this summer." Nah. I'm Southern: I know what it feels like, & I actually don't mind it hot that much. (Why do people not bat an eye when someone says they love snow, but it seems ridiculous that someone could enjoy summer heat?) I didn't even mind being 9 months pg with Will in July (he was born Aug 6th) last time we lived here. I'm the girl who gets into a hot car parked out in the sun & DOESN'T turn on the AC for several minutes, soaking up the heat, [esp. when coming out of an overly air conditioned (yuck!!!) place!] Plus, we even have a pool at this house. (We're not special - EVERY home, big & small, here has its own pool!) There's not enough money on earth to make me trade 4 months of 90's for the threat of snow Oct-April & temps to go with it!!!


  1. Hello! I will check your blog out. Your kids are beautiful and so are you. Yes we do like alot of the same stuff. We lived in the south for a while and miss some things about it for sure. One thing is people talk and are friendly. Here so many people work my neighbors are so so busy. People are nice here too but everyone is rush rush. I miss the days of sweet tea and talking to my friends for hours. So while living here I found Jackie through a mutual friend and she has been a blessing to me. She is always fun and we can talk a long time. We like to hang out and create (: I for one don't like snow, people who do are crazy. It is fun for one time a year or in a post card but not months and months. I will take the heat any day over cold. Take Care (:

  2. my heart sings with joy for you! after 5 years of waiting and expecting God to move - HE DID! HE PROVIDED! HE CAME THROUGH! what a terrific testimony! love you!

  3. Thanks, Katie!
    Amy - AMEN! I love you so much, & I KNOW He will provide beyond your imagination, as well! You will make it through this!!!


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