Double Digit Will

Will is officially a decade old! Double digits...

[With his super exciting Xbox game wheel from Grandma & Grandpa!]

His favorites really haven't changed much:

Favorite food: pizza
Favorite snack: Cheez-Its
Favorite songs: "Turn Down For What", "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark", & "Harlem Shake"
Favorite sport: football
Favorite sports star: Julio Jones (NFL Falcons) & Kyle Busch (NASCAR)
Favorite subject: math
Favorite show: Garfield
Favorite movie: Transformers - Age of Extinction
Favorite toy: Xbox One
Favorite app: Clash of Clans
Favorite computer game: Minecraft
Favorite thing to do as a family: watch family TV shows & play Xbox with Daddy
Favorite Xbox game: Titanfall
Obsessed with: Falcons football
Newest obsession: Pokémon cards (OMIGOSH - he & Annelise can't get enough!!!)
Future job: NFL star
Favorite number: 24
Favorite board game: Battleship
Favorite books: Big Nate & Garfield

He includes somewhere in his prayers every night: "Dear God, Thank you for this day. Help us to have a good day tomorrow, and just help us to have fun." The fun part gets repeated multiple times throughout. ;-) I always mention afterwards that he doesn't have to say it in front of me, but not to forget to admit the stuff we've done wrong and ask for God to help us do better. ...But I am so thankful to have the luxury of a child who can focus on a fun life. ♥


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